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Is Lady Gaga for Sale? Duh.

A blog post on Yahoo’s Musictoob discussed the new Gaga/Beyonce “Telephone” video and asked the question: “Is Lady Gaga for sale?” To which I answer: Duh.

And why the heck shouldn’t she be? Like most of the musicians who are in the spotlight today, she will fade out. So why not make a few bucks now so she can spend her golden years sipping mango mojitos and shopping for crazy plastic clothes with her aged gay friends on South Beach? Without veering off into a talent discussion on “musicians today,” I have to say simply: They are all for sale. See also: Every American Idol contestant ever. Even the great King of Pop hocked Pepsi back in the day.

What Tiger Woods Could Learn from Social Media

Tiger & PR Team: you could learn a lot from the social media evolution. Ever heard of it?

One Thing You Need to Do to Manage Your Brand’s Online Reputation

In a very interesting blog post, Barry Hurd equates a person’s–or indeed, a company’s–online reputation “score” to a credit …