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Goodbye, LinkedIn Answers. You will be missed.

I’m a huge fan of LinkedIn. I’ve made amazing contacts, secured new business, found valuable strategic partners. etc. I’m a big fan of the way they do things: slow, methodical, insightful evolutions of the platform that do truly add value to users. In other words, the intelligent way of building out a product, and the antithesis of how most other social platform providers build their product. But I have to say, today I received an email detailing their first fail (IMO). LinkedIn Answers is no more.

3 Easy Ways to Increase Engagement on Facebook

With over 20 million businesses, celebrities, organizations and brands using Facebook pages, many people still struggle with using them as part of a strong social media strategy. Companies have started to realize that even if they keep their page updated with content, their fan base is not growing at a steady rate. Facebook has become increasingly harder to connect with followers–simply because there is so much clutter, and the default news feed settings (dictated by the Powers That Be at Facebook) are set to show only content from pages the user has engaged with in the past. Despite this, a few smart brands and companies have evolved from just broadcasting content to true engagement. Here are some very simple ways to engage your fans and attract new ones…

7 Great Social Media Tools

Social media for marketing can be more efficient, easier and more effective when utilizing the right tools. With thousands of tools available on the market, it can be hard to settle on the right one. Below are some of my favorite tools to help you get moving on your social media program and make the most of your social media strategy.

Twitter Updates: Enough to Replace Popular Social Media Tool?

Twitter announced some significant updates to their main website and user interface…but are they enough to get you to abandon …

5 Things You Should Never Do in Social Media

Lately, I’ve seen some small businesses (and some large ones!) start “dipping their toes” into social media. It’s obvious to me that they are testing the waters because they have no overall theme or consistent messaging, their efforts aren’t supporting the brand or marketing campaigns, and they are painfully unaware of social media etiquette. While the lack of strategy will only get them nowhere in terms of social media ROI, the missteps in etiquette have the potential to damage their reputation and credibility in the social space…which could end up being quite a hairy monster to tame. So I thought I would offer these folks a few quick tips on what NOT to do in social media.

5 Great Facebook Fan Pages

Lately I’ve been obsessed with Facebook branding. We help clients build engaging content and interactions on Facebook (among other platforms), …

Toyota’s Missed Social Media Opportunity

The Toyota recall situation seems to be getting worse. In addition to skyrocketing complaints, there are now new investigations into …