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8 Keys to Protecting Your Online Reputation

Online Reputation Management is a crucial yet young component of online marketing. It’s hard to try to cover it all in s short article, but if you keep these key basics in mind, you will have a good foundation to get started with building a great reputation for your business in the online space.

How Does BP Rebound from the Biggest FAIL Ever?

There needs to be a fundamental, monumental change in the DNA of that company. Every oil-leaking day that goes by, they lose more credibility and more respect…and they don’t have much more left to lose. They need to stop saying the “right” things and start doing what is right or no amount of PR will ever help them. To survive, they need to show the world the profound impact that this catastrophe has had, at every level of the company. They need to change the company philosophy, right down to the mission statement, to refocus on protecting the environment, whenever and where ever they conduct business. They need to do something BIG–not a publicity stunt, but something that shows their seriousness on environmental issues, no matter how it impacts the bottom line. Something like…shutting down their other deep water oil rigs.

What Tiger Woods Could Learn from Social Media

Tiger & PR Team: you could learn a lot from the social media evolution. Ever heard of it?

One Thing You Need to Do to Manage Your Brand’s Online Reputation

In a very interesting blog post, Barry Hurd equates a person’s–or indeed, a company’s–online reputation “score” to a credit …