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Goodbye, LinkedIn Answers. You will be missed.

I’m a huge fan of LinkedIn. I’ve made amazing contacts, secured new business, found valuable strategic partners. etc. I’m a big fan of the way they do things: slow, methodical, insightful evolutions of the platform that do truly add value to users. In other words, the intelligent way of building out a product, and the antithesis of how most other social platform providers build their product. But I have to say, today I received an email detailing their first fail (IMO). LinkedIn Answers is no more.

5 Great Sources of Good Content

A major part of your social media strategy should involve sharing content with your target audiences. In order to establish and maintain your followers, friends and fans, you will need to share useful and compelling content with real value. Here are some sources of good content or content inspiration for your next original blog or article…

Social Media Strategy in 3 Simple Steps

Social media strategy is kind of an oxymoron. It cannot—or at least should not—exist in a bubble, floating out there all by itself. It must integrate and support an overall marketing strategy, and the overall business goals. But so many companies don’t even think through how social media should support the business—and dive into it with no strategic goals whatsoever. Here are three simple steps to get you started in identifying the smartest ways social media can support your business…

Favorite Quotes on Social Media from 2010

There have been so many changes and advancements in social media this year, and so many thoughtful blog posts and articles offering insight into them. I’ve read many, many of them, and to me, a few expert quotes stood out as truly memorable, insightful and/or thought-provoking. People want to engage with brands, yes, but they do ultimately, want something in return. Those small businesses that understand this will out-pace their competitors online, and thus, succeed overall.

Twitter Updates: Enough to Replace Popular Social Media Tool?

Twitter announced some significant updates to their main website and user interface…but are they enough to get you to abandon …

10 Social Media Truths

Every month, I teach a social media workshop for small business owners and marketing folk. I get a lot of questions, and address many, many misconceptions about using social media for marketing and promotion. Here are my top 10 truths about social media that so many social marketing beginners need to understand and accept today:

1. Social media is a set of tools.

Social media is not a singular or solitary communication method. It’s simply a set of online communication tools that people use to share content, profiles, opinions, insights, experiences, perspectives and media itself. Social media facilitates conversations and interaction between groups of likeminded people. These tools include blogs, message boards, podcasts, micro blogs, bookmarks, networks, communities, wikis, and vlogs.

Our Favorite Sites for Social Media Stats

A friend of mine was doing some research for a business presentation this week and wanted some of the latest statistics on social media. He asked me for my favorite go-to sites for such information, so I thought I would spread the love and share with everyone else.

How Does BP Rebound from the Biggest FAIL Ever?

There needs to be a fundamental, monumental change in the DNA of that company. Every oil-leaking day that goes by, they lose more credibility and more respect…and they don’t have much more left to lose. They need to stop saying the “right” things and start doing what is right or no amount of PR will ever help them. To survive, they need to show the world the profound impact that this catastrophe has had, at every level of the company. They need to change the company philosophy, right down to the mission statement, to refocus on protecting the environment, whenever and where ever they conduct business. They need to do something BIG–not a publicity stunt, but something that shows their seriousness on environmental issues, no matter how it impacts the bottom line. Something like…shutting down their other deep water oil rigs.

5 Things You Should Never Do in Social Media

Lately, I’ve seen some small businesses (and some large ones!) start “dipping their toes” into social media. It’s obvious to me that they are testing the waters because they have no overall theme or consistent messaging, their efforts aren’t supporting the brand or marketing campaigns, and they are painfully unaware of social media etiquette. While the lack of strategy will only get them nowhere in terms of social media ROI, the missteps in etiquette have the potential to damage their reputation and credibility in the social space…which could end up being quite a hairy monster to tame. So I thought I would offer these folks a few quick tips on what NOT to do in social media.

Social Media is One Ingredient, Not the Whole Cake

Social media marketing isn’t just throwing a few tweets or blog posts out and calling it a day. Or worse, throwing a social media profile up, operating it separately from all other marketing programs, and expecting a steady stream of new prospects from it. Just like traditional media, social media needs to have a thorough strategy for each level of the campaign in order to be successful. And each component should support the overall message that you are trying to deliver. Social media isn’t a separate campaign, separate message or separate brand–it’s a tool to help support your overall marketing efforts.