7 Great Social Media Tools

by Kristin Warner

Social media for marketing can be more efficient, easier and more effective when utilizing the right tools. With thousands of tools available on the market, it can be hard to settle on the right one. Below are some of my favorite tools to help you get moving on your social media program and make the most of your social media strategy.

  • Heardable.com is a brand optimization tool that is free and works like an SEO tool. It measures a website or brand’s competitive edge by displaying how well it is performing within its target audience/market so that you can make the necessary changes to further optimize your site.
  • Twiends.com is a tool designed to help you gain more Twitter followers. It provides introductions when you are looking for followers and helps you decide who you should either follow or have as followers. It’s a great tool to get you an initial seeding of Twitter followers, in addition to the directories like WeFollow and Twellow.
  • GuestPulse.com is a great little social media monitoring tool created just for the hospitality industry. It helps restaurants and hotels monitor their brand mentions and reviews.
  • SocialTwist.com helps you acquire referrals for your social media campaign. Their Tell-A-Friend feature allows people to recommend products or services by creating and sending messages through different social media sites.
  • PitchEngine.com allows you to spread your press releases and announcements through social media. You can create a profile and share your “pitch” with your friends and followers with the click of a button.
  • Payvment.com provides a social networking application on Facebook that helps you to setup an e-commerce storefront on your fan page using Paypal as the payment processor. Very cool for eCommerce businesses.
  • ObjectiveMarketer.com Learned about this tool (still being refined) from Guy Kawasaki. It lets you create a social media marketing campaign and manage your social profiles in one location, like many other tools, but the really great feature is the reporting. You can track click-thrus by individual post and download it into a CSV, which give you great insights as to tweet verbiage and times of day that work best.

What are your favorite social media tools?

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