Why Content Matters in Social Media Strategy

by Kristin Warner

As you develop your social media strategy, you may find yourself investing a lot of time and money in social apps or one-off campaigns. But before you get too caught up in these efforts, remember this: your content matters most.

Why your content development is critical to long-term social media strategy success:

1. The Stage May Change, but Your Content Will Stay the Same: Social media sites are always evolving, and some will disappear altogether—but your content can last forever. When sites shut down or “evolve”, you want your content polished and ready for the next platform.

2. You Own Your Content, but Facebook Owns Your Facebook page. Your content is your online asset. You own it, you control it. Focus first on investing in your own material.

3. People Engage With Content, Not Platforms: Your social media profile is blank without content. People interact with your company on social sites because your content adds value—it gives them information they want or need, or entertains them. Because your audience is most interested in what you have to share, how well you share it is the key tool for your success.

4. Content Gets You Coverage. The best marketing campaigns are those that garner public attention, and the most effective way to get your desired media mentions is to produce quality content. Authoritative endorsements can mean big business victories; use your content to get you the news coverage you want.

What topics or types of content wold get your customers talking and sharing?

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2 Responses

  1. People engage with content not platforms.  I think you’ll have me thinking for a week on that one.

    But what about the fact that the content on most of those sites are just blurbs.

    People have to actually click on a link to read the full article or whatever it is you’re offering.

    At any rate, there’s a webinar from Hall Internet Marketing Solutions about creating content and how get ideas to create content.  Follow the link if you want to watch the video.  

    Web Content Development – http://goo.gl/nXWK8

    Thanks for the post.

    • Thanks, Ramiro! Of course, shortened content blurbs are a great way to get people to click through to a site–which is what you want in the end, isn’t it? We all need to think about how to convert the interest and traffic into a usable lead or customer capture. As marketers, that is really the end-game for us, right? Great video–thanks for sharing!