Our Favorite Sites for Social Media Stats

by Kristin Warner

A friend of mine was doing some research for a business presentation this week and wanted some of the latest statistics on social media. He asked me for my favorite go-to sites for such information, so I thought I would spread the love and share with everyone else.

Mashable.com. If you do not know Mashable, you need to. Just the absolutely definitive source of social media and technology information. If you use one source for your research and news, this should (and could) be it.

Social Media Graphics Blog. Cool blog with constantly updated, visually interesting infographics. Just a great resource for meaty, usable info and stats.

Social Media Today. Awesome source of news and research on social media. Especially useful at identifying good tools and social media tactics.

TechCrunch and eConsultancy. I visit them less often, but still have good info–it’s definitely worth subscribing to their feeds.

Do you have any favorite sites for social media or digital marketing statistics? Please do share!

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