Favorite Quotes on Social Media from 2010

by Kristin Warner

There have been so many changes and advancements in social media this year, and so many thoughtful blog posts and articles offering insight into them. I’ve read many, many of them, and to me, a few expert quotes stood out as truly memorable, insightful and/or thought-provoking–and therefore, are worth repeating.quotes about social media

“Our survey results suggest consumers show preference to interacting with brands that offer coupons and promotions via social media outlets. It’s important for brands to recognize consumer preferences and what will help encourage them to visit an establishment.”

~Gary Edwards
Executive VP of Client Services, Empathica

This quote was from an article in Information Week about using coupons and promotions to attract brand followers in social media. I think some social media purists–and even some of our clients–think there is no room for promotions or couponing in social media, and I agree with Gary that this line of thinking is flawed. People want to engage and converse with brands, yes, but they do ultimately, want something in return. Usually savings.

“A prosumer is actively involved in researching and interacting with the companies from whom they will buy…In short, those companies that take the time and effort to establish trusted relationships with their prosumer buyers have the best chance of thriving throughout tough economic times, while their competitors, clinging to old-school ways, will be left by the side of the road.”

~Newt Barrett
Founder of Content Marketing Strategies and Voyager Media, Inc.

I read this quote in an excellent article in Content Marketing Today about building trust with your customers, geared towards small businesses. We work with with some small businesses who think that social media doesn’t apply to them because they are “too small” or “would never be able to build a huge audience.” The fact is, that following size doesn’t matter. It’s all about building a relationship with your core customers. Those small businesses that understand this will out-pace their competitors online, and thus, succeed overall.

“It’s impossible to measure the value of preventing a hypothetical social-media PR disaster, but it’s vital that everyone in your company understands that the best social strategies are defensive as well as offensive…You need to be able to articulate within your organization the reputational risk you’d take by not doing this,”

~Joshua Karpf
Digital Communications Chief at PepsiCo.

Great quote from Mary Ellen Slayter’s blog on Smart Blog on Social Media. I agree with Joshua that the risks of not having a social media outpost for your brand is bigger than the outside chance of a rogue negative comment or two. I’ve seen very little brand bashing on brand pages on Facebook and Twitter…and I used to work in timeshare! Having said that, the risks of harm to your brand’s reputation are extraordinarily high if you decide to jump into social media and use it to fire off contrived or disingenuous marketing content. It has to be a genuine conversation or the masses will sniff you out and exodus from your brand online will ensue. But everyday you’re using social media in your business strategy, your brand becomes that less relevant to consumers.

“If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em…People were engaging on those sites and communicating about our products anyway, so we might as well embrace them and bring them into the fold.”

~Mark Keys
VP of web production, digital media, WWE

Mark’s quote from a Social Media Examiner article about the World Wrestling Entertainment’s (WWE) efforts in social media show that it’s true what they (and by ‘they’ I mean everyone) say about social media: your customers are already using it, with or without you. So you can join them and reap the benefits, or watch your competition do it. It’s a fact. And it is that simple.

“There’s a growing list of people with titles like social media strategist who have never developed any kinds of strategies in their entire career. They know enough about social media to talk themselves into a position that has no real objectives or success metrics and three months in, everyone is miserable.”

~Angela Connor
Social Media Manager at Capstrat

Not to be a doomsayer, but this quote from an iMedia Connection article said what we are all thinking these days: when’s the social media bubble going to burst? There is such a lack of uniformity (which is kind of the cool thing about it) and a lack of expert knowledge, and anyone and everyone is trying to do it, some better than others. But now it’s reached the point where companies need to hire community managers and there are no measurable or define skills for this role…yet. My gauge of a so-called social media expert (I actually believe there is no such thing), boils down to two questions: What have you done for other brands/companies AND What were the results? I would also ask them to produce samples of strategies they’ve written…yes, an actual document with metrics and deliverables. Not pie-in-the-sky ideas.

“If you want to win, you don’t just employ a ‘knight strategy’ in chess, do you?”

~Steve Woodruff
Connection Agent

Remarking on how a social media marketing in and of itself is not a strategy, Steve said this great line in his blog post called “Social Media is Not a Strategy”. I happen to agree with him that social media needs to be fully integrated into an overall business strategy. Social media are a set of tools to support business and branding goals. They are online outposts for your customers to engage directly with your company. They are service venues. Social media marketing is not a game changer. It’s not the miracle your company has been praying for. And it never works as a stand-alone strategy. Seriously, if I have to hear someone say, “We need to do social media” one more time…

What great quotes have you read this year?

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