Social Media Consultant Services

We offered completely customized social media consultant services that are geared towards your team’s specific needs and budget. Some of our more popular consultation programs are listed below, but please contact us directly so we may tailor a program that assists you in the areas you need it most.

Hourly or Monthly Social Media Consultant
We can sit with you for one hour, or work directly with you and your team for several months. However and wherever you need us to help you with your social media strategy and team training, we can tailor our services specifically for you. Contact us for our hourly and monthly rates.

Social Media Mentorship Program
•    1-hour call per month
•    Unlimited email support – your go-to resource for social media questions
•    Basic technical assistance setting up social media tools
•    Support in creating annual social media strategy
•    Guidance on social media content, promotions
•    Education on latest social media techniques, tools and technology
•    Ongoing assistance in analyzing results and how to optimize your efforts

Social Media Audit

Our social media consultants will look “under the hood” of your existing social media program and analyze your profiles, content, videos, photos and all other assets you currently have in place. Then we will create a report with critical findings, recommendations, optimization and enhancement opportunities. We’ll present this report with you in detail in an hour-long consultation call where you can ask questions, voice concerns or gain insights into social media.

Contact us to learn more about our programs.

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