Social Media Training

Social media is the new “it” factor in business. Every business knows they should be using it, but many are unsure where to start or how to use it to their advantage. Most business leaders are spread so thin they don’t have the time to learn about the different social media and keep up on the latest developments that impact their business.

We offer social media training workshops for business owners and teams who want to manage their own social media programs, but need help getting started or taking it to the next level. These workshops are conducted in person at your office or online through a series of webinars.

Our half-day and full-day social media training workshops cover the basics–Social Media 101. The include topics such as:

• Fundamentals of using social media
• Social media etiquette and technique
• How to respond to customer service issues
• Maximize online presence through great content
• Social media for B2B marketing
• Tour of the Big 4: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube
• Customization techniques
• Search engines & keywords 101
• How to create a winning strategy
• Basic tracking & conversion tactics
• How to measure results and social media ROI

One-on-One or Team Strategy Session
During our half-day and full-day, one-on-one counseling sessions, we review your business and give you the tools and guidance you’ll need to easily create your 12-month social media strategy & plan. We will analyze your business goals and generate ideas for social media promotions and tactics that support them.

In the session we:
•  Decide on the right social media platforms for your business
•  Create a content topic list with ideas for blog entries, article topics
•  Review the essential components of the social media plan
•  Write social media goals for your business
•  Create specific tactics for your business to achieve these goals

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